Commence Sharing that Love


As I celebrate my natal day this coming month, I can’t help not to have a short retrospect of who I was in the past few years. A pathetic negastar (negastar is a term I use to myself for I have been thinking negatively and acting accordingly).  With that glimpse of yesterday, I can be so majestic and proud to assert that I have changed so incredibly. I was once broken, hurt, devastated, inferior, in denial, pathetic in so many facets of life. But wait, this hopeless broken beauty has now risen and have been sharing the love to those who are in need, reaching out to the hopeless masses. This devastated noblewoman has commenced inspiring thousands of people through her inspiring stories and write ups for she has found love in the most unfathomed way.  The highest degree of love on earth so far, that is self love.

Like anybody else, I was once a dreamer. I wanted somebody to treat me well, to love me like that in The Notebook, Fifty First Date movies. I yearned for that guy who will give me chocolates and red roses in special occasions so that I can be happy and eventually feel the love that I have been dreaming. More often than not, its the opposite that happens.  I just found myself disappointed and felt more unloved, so I kept on seeking, struggling and became appease with this kind of blaze. In the end, I asked why?! So far, God presented me the answers of these whys in the most revolutionary way. Indeed overpowering and the only thing that I could do is to praise HIM and celebrate the gift of my very being.

I want to shout it loud that the love that you have been wishing, wanting, aiming, looking is within you. Let me remind you that the very core of your existence and the very fulfillment of your dream love is within you.dubois-quote-about-empowering-women

Know that you are precious, that you deserve the most genuine love. Before you give that love to the person you think you are in love with. Think twice! Give it to yourself first, you are the most deserving!  By the time you would learn this kind of love, I assure you, you will be sharing the same unfeigned love towards others and you will find peace deep within. All those aspirations can only become a reality when you learn to love yourself and eventually give the same kind of love to whoever you think is deserving. Then and it will only then that you will find serenity and real happiness. The question is, when are you ready to commence sharing that love to others? by all odds, you have to start within yourself. Launch self love today!

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