Woman Win It Alone!


In biblical perspective, us women are basically part of men and that we have to follow, submit and care, serve them. But, somewhere along the way, as history changes itself, so with men. As we seek Development in our civilazation, as we thirst for knowledge, we tend to see the gray areas of the stated command. This is something undisputed for me, if we have to, we must. Yet, there’s a very broad consideration in our era now that we have to look at on this discourse.

Since the Dawn of civilization, we have always positioned ourselves lower to men, as we submit and be loyal, as we take the weaker side of the battle ground; there abuses keep happening. Domestic violence became rampant, cheating became acceptable regardless on where and how we stand on it, abandonement of obligation etc.

Historically, our ancestors kept their silence, accepted the reality and nature of men, stood on this principle of us being under. But for our generation, I must say, equality takes its place and feminism has been impressively taken into consideration. We cannot deny the fact that by strength, man leads but by rights and capabilities, us women should take the high roads, we need to raise the bar higher in our place in the society. We are now considered great contributors in diverse aspect. In short, we are now sparkling on our own skies. We have made ourselves worthy of respect and love.

In our evolution, in our time and generation when feminism and equality exist, we must remember that we have been fighting long time, we have faught really hard to be able to claim these birth rights for ourselves. On this, consider my thoughts. This one can be cliche and be a General knowledge, yet more often than not; we sacrifice, we haggle, even let go of this very easy and not able to recognize the power we have.

Let’s keep in mind that we are women of this generation who has voice, somebody who’s more than deserving of respect, God’s precious child and came from a supreme breed. And that we are absolutely exceptional.

The love that we are giving is not for pain and suffering. It’s for your happiness and the fulfillment of your existence. Choose to stand strong. Let’s keep our terra firma solid, cling right on what we believe in, on what we really want and deserve. Let’s shake off that total dependency to anyone. Make a life, celebrate you and us, let’s then claim our rights as well as enjoy the place and space we have earned under the sun.

There is nothing so wrong being dependent though, let’s just remember to do it in all cautiousness, that in this point of discourse, you won’t be taken for granted. Let’s then face life in total confidence and absolute dependency to our gifts and powers yet to be unleashed.

May we all live well

All my love,


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