Her Silent Scream

Woman she is, building her own identity and place where she inclined to be. For a woman who seem to be fragile physically. She exudes a strength that is beyond imagination. She stands tall and still, remains to be affectionate as well as self-giving. For her daily quest in life, she is bombarded with endless challenges that make her question her very being, her efforts, above all, her worth. She is a fighter, yet she is more often than not defeated in the battle. She works hard but still she isn’t being compensated well. She love’s so much to no avail, she doesn’t get the love and treatment commensurate to her efforts of loving. She sacrificed a lot but nobody appreciated all of it. She’s worn out, exhausted in so many things, reasons and ways, yet never stopping to hope and go on despite all of the disenchantments and dim lights.

Life seem to be an endless cycle of setbacks for her. How ironic that nobody would ask how she’s doing. Strong she is, that she goes on with her life, ceaselessly creating a place for herself under the sun. She remains beefed-up and undefeated. She shows the entire world how brave and victorious she can be.

The truth behind this courage is, countless times, in her quiet room that she asked herself if she is good enough as a mother, wife, and friend. Resounding question that reflects the inability of every special person around her to appreciate her, so her existence. She is beyond doubt an altruistic giver. She serves, she hopes, she cares too much for others, somehow, rarely noticed nor recognized with gratitude. She desire’s attention, she seeks love and your presence around her. She is longing for you alone. You! Is her silent scream. Know that she wants your hug, she longs for You. As she prepares the dinner, she wants you to say Thank you!  In public, she wants you to hold her hand. She longs for your caressing touch, your sincere loving gaze. She is yearning for your endearments and embrace. That sweet small kiss on her forehead warmheartedly given. She is never demanding, she just wants the basic. Which you often overleaped.

You mean the world to her, you play a crucial role in her happiness, you are her trength. As she aspire all of these, you were busy noticing other insignificant things, and busy looking at her flaws and lackings. Keeping in mind how much she has changed, how big she has become and how many wrinkle lines she’s earned through time.   

One day when everything remained unsaid and undone. You will feel, notice the lacking only when you see her slowly drifting away from your sight and becomes a total stranger. You may look at her to the eye and let her know how grateful you were for her love. But then again, she has found the love that she truly needs without your validation and existence. She found her worth without you treasuring her. As she spread her wings to the world and explore the things that she turned her back before because of her love of you, as she enjoys her freedom and self love, you will be left behind regretting of not giving significance what your heart has been hearing but choose to brush-aside, her silent screams. Don’t wait till she says her final words..Im Done!!

Let’s then re-discover how to bring the inner fire of W. Make your relationship more vigorous with and in romance this Valentine. Can’t wait to publish my next article on fulfilling and lighing up her unspoken desires.


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    Nice sharing
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