I Got Pampered Today!!!

Many times in a day, I find myself imagining, fantasizing good food in a perfect place and feel that solitary serene life in a couple of hours.Jeeezzz! Just a couple of hours!!!!!.this is while stress is eating my entire attention and work is taking all my time and joy. I can’t help not to make an attempt escape from the reality of my world and be endulged in a very vivid and astonishing vision. That vision of modality of fresh air and be close to nature, feel that touch of clean fresh air under a tree, in the middle of a farm. Today my dream came true!!! Oh Yes! Look at these eye-popping panoramas down there. This is the best representation of my daydream escapes.

Today, I hit Pampanga through Scania Marco Polo Bus http://www.scania.ph/, indeed a very comfortable travel. I bumped Alvis Farm https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Breakfast—Brunch-Restaurant/Alviz-Farm-Kapampangan-Culinary-Heritage-Tour-184171981624019/ situated in Guagua Pampanga and its a total grandeur! I can’t help not to be mesmerized by its awesome ambience and delectable food. A place I could really recommend to every woman wanting to explore outside the metro and running away from the coils of city life. I could feel the freshest breeze while having the taste of “Duman” their expensive rice and other Kapampangan cuisines.

I can happily shoutout today that I got pampered by Camp Gemini https://www.capgemini.com that generously sponsored the whole trip and Alvis Farm for the wonderful place and sumptous food. This is indeed a great experience to share and look back. Till our next travel Scania! Travelers from different point of the country will absolutely love your buses!

To all lovelies out there, don’t miss the chance to pamper yourself this holiday season. Something that you deserve and don’t you dare skip loving yourself. Have fun and be pampered this yuletide season.

Merry Christmas to all of us!

All the love- Reenah

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