WomanIAm!? Success!

I began writing 2013. It was out of my brokenness, out of my own insecurities and defeats. I had so much relief from writing and found myself penning mostly my emotional setbacks. I wanted to express the unresolved issues in me. I sought comfort from this way of expression, writing. Then I came across https://wordpress.com. A very user friendly platform where you can build your own website, you can launch your own blog any time, any where and it’s absolutely free!! That made me really excited. Seriously! I took the risk of trying it. I signed up, provided the necessary information and gotcha, I did it well. I got my own site and began publishing. Not in my wildest imagination that this site will flourish to something beautiful. The plan did not happen, instead it went beyond my expectations. My blog reached global! I got so impressed with the result. I didn’t know, I already commenced making an impact to the world and to many lives. My intention of expressing my deepest emotions for relief turned out to be an advocacy of Women Empowerment.

Many women across the globe are thanking me, calling me, entrusting me their pains, problems and story of difficulties and triumphs.

Recently, I came up with an event to level up in serving women. I organized an event called WomanIAm!?Real Life, Real Talk, Real Woman, #ASingleMomsJourney as a pilot project. The event went incredibly well!https://www.facebook.com/womanIam8/ I couldn’t be more proud with what this curiosity has become.

I realized that making an impact to women is my calling, I have figured out how many women are going through tremendous experiences, still battling for their self-worth and domestic violence. Their stories of pain remained to be unheard and not being addressed. Their cries are still unheard. They make me more eager to go on and make a small change. I would like to express my innermost gratitude to https://wordpress.com for allowing me to write freely and reached those women, relay my message and be free to express my heart for free.

To all women out there who also would want to tell the world your message. https://wordpress.com you can count on it.

The success of my event is part of https://wordpress.com significant contribution to the world.

Thank you https://wordpress.com for allowing me to unleash my full potential as an influencer and writer. May you continue to inspire others in expressing their unique beings. Kudos to you! https://wordpress.org/

All my love,


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