Let Go and Move On…

One rainy afternoon, the raindrops were dripping so gently and freely, touching the window glass near where you were seated, you could vaguely see outside. Its dark, cold and quiet. You started to feel that emptiness and loneliness somewhere deep within.

Then you can’t help yourself not to look back to the good times, sweet nothings, colorful days of dating, moments filled with love, vivid imagination of the future and its many promises, life full of plans and hopes. Those endless laughters and sweet kissess, lovely, funny stories and I love you’s that seem to be endless. As the clock ticks, you wouldn’t want these captivating moments and beautiful things to end.

You were just so into them and ready to fight the biggest battle of your life just to keep the fire burning between your hearts. You were fearless, preconditioned to settle down, up of taking him along to forever. The feeling was so strong to take all the risks and fight it all. You loved so much and you even lose yourself with the instensity of your emotions. You Have prepared yourself to contend and be against all odds for the sake of keeping that relationship work. Beautiful life, indeed! Heart-stopping moments. Woefully, everything has ended.

One day, you just woke up and you were drifting away from each other. Those grand moments had become bitter and bitter every single day, and you wonder why? Why do partiallity happens? Why you? Why your relationship? All the love and efforts you have given were just whispers in the wind. Unfelt, unrecognized unneeded. Yet you were still punching so hard for the relationship. The scrap was consuming and debilitating. For countless times that you pushed yourself too hard, you’ve sacrificed beyond what you can until that moment of deliberation began to sink in. That time you realized that all through out the battle you were the only one fighting and hoping for the relationship to work. Hopes and courage were dimmed and clouded. This is when, you have finally given up all of you and you’ve got nothing to give. This is when You’re finally smitten by the fact that its OVER, yes baby, its so over!

This could be the most difficult part of life, when you have to let go and accept that you have to begin a new life without the person you used to share your happiness and life with. It’s never easy, its never good, but you have to cease the fire of hope when you have fought beyond your self- respect, when you have lost yourself, when you have given your all and nothing has changed. Fighting for your love is heroic and could also be your rights, yet you have to draw the line how far you could go making strenous effort for the love you thought you deserve, when in fact, it’s causing you so much hurt.


Its time to let go, its time to face life from another direction, its time for you to find, to fight for your self- worth, its high time for you to live the life that you deserve. Its over for those magical yet resentful circumstances. Take the high road alone and be strive to be happy. Now is your chance to notice the flowers, to experience life’s goodness. It’s time to move on and be the the best version of yourself. It’s never easy, yet its crucial to take the first step of courage to let go, move on and go on with your life.

Its time to go home to the girl who used to be bold, lovely and awesome. Commence from that day when you haven’t met the person who caused all your pains, lead off taking the high road to self- love and self respect. Easier said than done, you might wanna remind me, of course, I know! but lady, you got no choice but to carry yourself up alone. You cannot be a victim forever, you cannot dwell at the losing side all the time. I tell you, now is the time to draw the line from pain and martyrdom.

Remember, there is nothing more deliberating for a woman than realising her own worth and getting that respect she deserves. Life is a gift and so are you, therefore, you are valuable to this so called Earth and that you should realize. No matter how tough the road you will have to take, take it any way. It could be the best decision that you have to make for now. May you live your life well.

– All my love


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rowena says:

    A very encouraging site to visit and share.


  2. Jennifer Pagalilauan says:

    The hardest part really in every downfall or tragedy in your life is learning how to move on..Relate much. Thanks.


  3. someonebeverly says:

    Sad but yes, in life we have to make choices.


  4. Oscar says:

    Let Go and Move On


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