Self-Respect First, It’s a Must!

In countless circumstances and undefined reasons, you allow yourself to be disrespected and neglected. You lower your standards more often than not, because you think its the humble thing to do. When someone yells at you in the office, in your family, in your relationship. You tend to keep quiet and say nothing. If someone mocks you and belittles you, you incline to just let go and tolerate, because you are too scared, you think too little about yourself, you are not peculiar of your rights and who exactly you are. Well, let me remind ya lady, you are a daugher of a supreme God. You got a breed of a Mighty one. Come on!

Why do you think people treat you poorly? Why do you think others looks at you off-colour? What message have you been sending them about you all this time?

The disparaging treatment that you are experiencing right now might have something to do with how you are treating and thinking about yourself.

Keep in mind that self-respect is the most crucial in your existense. Draw the line of discouragements from people, set the bar Of self-respect and confidence higher.

Surround yourself with people who value you. People who do not value you, do not deserve you. Your value does not diminish because of someone’s inability to see your worth.

You are extremely valuable to the world, you just need the right people to recognise your worth. The wrong ones are waste of your time, energy and effort. Go where your talents and presence are celebrated, not where your presence is tolerated.

Life is fleeting, do not take away from you the opportunity to live the life that you deserve, to feel good about yourself and above all, to get the respect that you deserve. You are a woman and that you are more than deserving to live a life full of meaning, love and respect from you to yourself and from others.

Never endure the pain of disrespect, and never allow its scars ruin your essence. You are a woman and may you live according to God’s plans and desires.

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