The Empty Space In You

short-inspirational-quotes-about-being-yourself-hd-motivational-quotes-inspirational-quotes-ufc-quotes-mma-quotes-wallpaper.jpgHow do you free yourself from the empty sensation in your chest, that numb feeling that you are wide awake, but your own world seem to be half asleep and deemed with so much deprivations and  lacking of requisite attention.

You  can hardly figure out what exactly that strange feeling with in you. That feeling that you are not happy,  not sad either and all seem to be in its perfect shape, yet you still feel the pinch of that unknown emotional state deep within. That longing that remains to be vague, and that blank space is haunting you in your sleep and quite moments. You wanted to ignore it, to divert, yet you cannot really kill it. It’s there and the struggle is real.

Emptiness is lack of life’s meaning and purpose, or perhaps your darkest part, where no one else feels, finds, knows. That part of you where no silver lining and sun rays couldn’t get in, no matter how you allow a person  nor something to fill the space, all the more that you feel that nothingness. Then when that empty feeling is too much to bear, you just build your own illusions to disguise that resonating scream of your soul by portraying a role of being well-knit and grandness and remain to be well in the eyes of others.

Emptiness 1More often than not, emptiness is being neglected because of the human fear and unwillingness to resolve the inner issues, instead of understanding the root, human response would be to get rid and run away from the voice within. If you are feeling empty right now, figure it out. Embrace the feeling, start spending time with yourself, go back to you where you’came from “childhood”, appreciate yourself, change your perspective about yourself. Quit validating your worth based on somebody else’s treatment and attention. You might have abandoned yourself long time ago, you have lost somewhere along the way and you stopped caring for your own self and  focused on others instead. You can cry your emptiness out, you can leave for a while and find yourself, you can tell your spouse what is within you, you can confess your desires to your parents or closest friends. There is no real point of struggling alone, you have other woman uplifting other women, approach them.

Emptiness 2

Acknowledge that empty part of you and commence loving yourself. You are a WOMAN, your life and existence matters. Celebrate your emptiness, your length in life will eventually teach you to know that what is fundamental is free to touch. There is always somebody who truly cares for you without your knowledge. Know that our Almighty God is with you to love, guide and  fill those empty sides of you.

#MayWeAllLiveWell #WomanYouareaBlessing #WomanBeABlessing




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanny Simon says:

    Inspire so well..☺😍


    1. womanIam!? says:

      Thank you Hanny😊👌


  2. charlynjune says:

    I remember one time ganitong ganito din ang feeling ko tapos napasulat sin ako ng poem.. Nakakatuwa lan no? Writing seems to be one great way to ease one’s feeling aside from nakaka inspire pa..😊


  3. I was moved starting from the featured photo. There is sense in every line a read. I know it is for women but can’t help but to feel related because of those emptiness.


    1. womanIam!? says:

      Thank you Gemart❤️😊


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