It’s Fine To Feel Broken

Experiences of momentary brokenness, where we have

In countless times, you think how the mess you are in so many things and ways. You compare yourself too much. You are burdened with the biases of the world, you are doomed in bad thoughts and experiences. You have asked so many why’s, “why am I in this perilous and wretched arena?” You are drooping in emptiness and loneliness. It seems like you are the only one on that battleground, that no one sees after your wounds and pains. That moment of uttermost pain is so strong, it slowly ripping you inside.

That turning force when you feel tired, worthless, lost, less fortunate, so worthless, no life direction at all, less fortunate, worried, feeling like shouting at the top of your lungs.

That moment when you want to sit down and just don’t think of any pain and exhaustion for a while. That time when you wanted a hug but nobody wouldn’t give it, and you are scared to ask.

That moment when you are ashamed to tell the world how much you are failing and in pain, and would wish to haggle with the almighty God, if He could make the burden any lighter. You would want a full stop in just few seconds or you would want to ask Him if he could benumb you in everything that is hurting you. You are so zonked out now, and it’s all right to breathe with more hopes.


Woman, remember that what you are going through is part of life and growing up. In one way or another, somebody is going through the same battle. Never think that you are alone. Never consider quitting and never feel that you are a loser. Your  experiences and story are unique, make it colorful. It’s fine to be broken and to feel broken. All of us is going through and has gone through the same ground.


Life is never easy, but it’s in our DNA as Women to be fighters. Fragile as you think you are, but you came from a breed of the most powerful God, live the life that you deserve for you are a Woman who’s been graced by supernatural susceptible qualities, And that you should know. Get back up and know that you are glorious and celebrated.

May we live well, #WomenWeAreBlessed #WomenBeABlessing



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanny Simon says:

    I can relate to this…broken is sometimes a gift though..


    1. womanIam!? says:

      Hope you’ll be able to inspire orhers bu sharing Hanny. Thank you!


  2. Jennifer Pagalilauan says:

    Reenah! I can relate to this. Thank you very much for this article!


    1. womanIam!? says:

      Thank you Jennifer. May you help me inspire others by sharing it. Please don’t forget to hit like. My hugs to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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