Your Tag, Your Own Worth

images (2)One deliberating day that I will never forget, I hope every woman will eventually get to this point of their lives as well. That remarkable moment when I realized its absolutely a waste of time quantifying validating my worth by weighing and considering the treatments, reactions of others around me. I have figured out with flying colors that what people think about me is none of my business and it will never matter. It will never be the reason of my self doubts and unworthiness.

Women, by nature  are always caring, nurturing and able to make a change in the lives of others making it better, but because of these gifts, many often forgets the most crucial part of the process, “herself’. Women just keep on giving love yet forget that she deserves it too.

Let me remind you of something you’ve forgotten long before and taking for granted since time immemorial, that you are the first who deserves that love that you have always wanted to give away. You are the most in need of that care that you are giving out to others. Know that you will forever be at the losing end if you keep on refusing to put yourself first, it’s not selfishness, at all.her worth1As far as your engagements and relationships, if you are not being treated with respect, think and ask now, check your price tag, maybe you have marked yourself so low. Get the hell out of that clearance rack and get to that behind the glass where valuable items are placed. Know that where you place yourself determines the treatment you would want from others.

And its the strongest gesture for a woman to be herself, love herself in all circumstances. You are a woman of power, your strength is beyond compare, yet you neglect these indisputable facts. It’s high time to know your worth.