Someone’s Idea of You Should Not be Your Reality

   One day, somebody told me I wont finish my college, a teacher in high school told me, I will not finish high school and get married early. One of my father’s colleagues told my father I was hopeless, I will not finish my college, no good future. My adviser in college told me, I wont make a good teacher, I’d rather go to a call center and there I might excel. My first boss called me stupid and slow. One of my heads tried to sabotage one of my talks.

Good news, I finished college with flying colors, became a professor in one of the most prominent Universities in the country, became a Business Consultant, business heads are coming to me for help. I became an inspirational writer and public speaker. I am inspiring women in line with my advocacy WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Now, I am sharing my expertise to Nationwide and Global Construction Industry.

Someone’s idea of you should not be your reality. Never allow people’s perverse standpoint about you ruin your bright future. Keep your dreams alive & work onimproving yourself everyday. To all of my desparagers, Thank you, without your helpful judgments, I wont be recognized today.

 To my father, the only person who stood for and by me and pushed me to go on. My greatest appreciation and love. This is for you.


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