Today, I’ve looked in the mirror and I liked what I saw. Yeah, that was me, the real me. But, it took a lot of courage and its indeed a long process before getting to this point of absolute freedom. It wasn’t and never an easy decision to divulge myself to the world without the enhancement of cosmetics. To be bold means to be courageous enough to take all the judgement of the world full of Kardashians and Hadids, and where the ultimate measure of beauty is that 36-24-26 body measurement, full red lips, pinkish cheeks and wow! that lovely eye brows.


Remembering those days when I was in the bondage of my own servility. I can’t go to work without make up, I can’t seem to be confident with my “morena” tone and I endeavored really hard to achieve that white complexion. Hoping to be happy when I finally acquire it. Those days when I had my infinite wishing moments. I wish I could be sexy, thin, and other blah blahs on how I could be attractive and be in that set standards of sexiness and beauty. How discombobulating to hid behind my friends during picture takings, for I have this positive mindset of me being fat and ugly. That moment when even at the beach I would tend to wear make up to look pretty. I missed so many happy moments since all I cared about was how I looked on the camera and how I would appear to people. Really, its maddening.

For now, I a have achieved my ultimate freedom from my being inferior and discontentment. It feels so good that I can go out without make up and still feel beautiful. I can now give my smile to every person I meet and greet with my real sexy lips. I can now look at the mirror every morning and greet myself with gladness. I have made a decision that loving what I have is an absolute blessing and freedom that I could give myself. Regardless of what will people say about how I look. I am happy that finally the person that God has made me to be is that the same person who will greet you with passion and sincerity.

I made my stand and I am being relentless from this point, with the saying: 34dcff84d717abd090f7f2b0ca18d1b8

I wish every reader well and hope that you will finally free yourself from the bondage of the worlds’ standards of beauty. Be happy of how you look, appreciate your skin, your every curve and go out to the world  and let everyone know that you are beautiful with a heart.


If this write-up somehow touched you, please share.


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