After all, Life is Beautiful!


Life can become so idle. More often than not,  life can be perceived to be draggy. Well, I have to candidly admit that I am also going through the same struggle. So, instead of riveting my attention to how boring life is. I did something new today that made me feel so proud of myself. I came up with a poem for a certain friend who inspires me the most to be better. This one person must be very significant to help me come up with this new composition of poetry and change my disconfirming perspective about life.

“Gentle Wind”

Gentle wind that ceaselessly touching my being
Your mite go along on bequeathing a tag of binding
Oh, gentle wind I regard your appease
To sustain my soulfulness to life and effing.

Gentle wind, its lamentable that you’re departing
Soul barged in the conception when is your faring
Soul models from the wilderness of stillness
Restfully remembering your gentle allude from fleeting

The kernel of spirit yearned-for your nifty impending
Comparable to the yesteryear of your alluding
Bearing upon the core is your long awaited disturbing
That soul will have the touch of your unparalleled relenting.

I am not really confident how this will impact the readers but crazily, I want to deal out my message to every one who visits my site. REDIRECTING, Take another channel to a new direction. If you feel like your marriage is dull and you are bored. Read books or watch helpful videos about marriage, prepare a new dish for dinner. If you are single and blase with singledom. You can join  yoga, pole, dance classes, do charity works, write articles, go painting. There are beaucoup of ways on how you could enjoy life and scrap that feeling of ennui  . Go out and find something  fresh and novel. There are so many things that awaits you outside that dark dull box of life. Go look for somebody who will inspire you. A beggar, a child, a mother of eight, a disabled teenager enjoying her new stumping and dancing skills, an old vendor or a singer.  You would be amazed to what you see at the other side of life. Notice the flowers, dance in the rain, go watch that sunrise or dance with the sunset, lick ice cream, do the selfie, groupie thing. Eat something new that you never tasted before, healthy and delicious. Say hello to a stranger, make friends with your neighbors, do a basic baking. You can also go to the nearest seashore and shout out loud your fears, angers, boredom and wishes and run from the small waves. Write on the sand and let the wave wipe it out.


Eventually, you will realize how basic life is, how lovely the worlds is, and know that life will never be the same again, if you allow yourself to explore the deepest lulu of life. Ride out from the dramatic plays of life and start smiling and making the most out of your existence today.

After all, life is beautiful and so are you!


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