Woman, know the rhythm of self-worth.


chasing-the-dream---go-for-If there’s one thing that makes every woman incomplete, the self-esteem. More often than not, us women are so much dependent on how our spouse, boyfriend, crush whoever that’s making our day special would treat us and exert an effort for us. I know right! We wanted to be treated like that of Cinderella with glass shoes, so fragile, so precious. We all yearn for that special attention, that’s most of the time extinct in the real life story especially when the relationship gets to that full stop of comfort zone of knowing and dating or togetherness.

We bereft so much when there’s a lack of attention in our relationship. We ask ourselves, what must be wrong with us? We try to find answers to our own questions. We investigate, we confront ourselves or that significant other, we ask open-ended questions and most of the time, we doubt our own…

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