Life After Being Cheated


Never feel sorry after your husband/boyfriend cheated on you. Do not question what was lacking in you or in the relationship. Do not blame yourself with his engagement with another woman. You can give a good fair fight with your relationship. Do what you have to do, it’s a normal thing. But, give yourself an ultimatum on how far you could go for the battle, how much pain will you bear for your broken relationship then subsequently decide when to draw the line. After all, its never your fault. Do not share the guilt, blame him not yourself. Remember that he is mature enough to speciate right and wrong, good and bad. Cheating on you is his decision and he knows what he has been doing. It’s as bright as the broad daylight that he opted to do that to you.


Take time to cry, it is fine.  Feel the hurt, it is okay! Then slowly help yourself to recover. These are the parts of the conventional process that anyone will have to go through. Embrace and comprehend the ache and you will know how strong you are. Cheating comes in so many facets and it could happen not only to you but to anyone.  One may not understand why do these botherations happen, one thing I am sure about, pain can also be a blessing. Hurt can make you stronger and letting go will take you to the maximum level of who you are because you’d never want to be the same primitive girl that was once cheated. That you will choose to be better and bolder everyday. Move on if you have to. It’s a must. After all, there is a brighter, better life after being cheated and broken.

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