Mom, You are a gift


As much as I want to define mother in few words, it seems to be impossible for me. With the amazing fact that she is a one person who does the work of twenty, for free. She is physically present in one place and doing some sort of thinking and working to another place. Going shopping for herself and comes out from the mall with all the stuff for her children and got nothing for herself. I have never understood how toilsome and challenging it is to be one until I became one. Motherhood changes almost every inch of her being from her physical looks to how she takes care of her self. More often than  not “”SELF” is the last thing she considers.

Mother is veritably the most precious gift that every child could ever have, she is incredibly selfless in serving and loving. Up to the last piece of her food no matter how hungry she is, she we will surely give up her share of lunch. It’s never an issue if she’s tired nor sleepy or sick, she does not mind those, for her love is more freehanded than any one could think of. To be a mother is indeed a tough job and I strongly consider that whether she is  educated or uneducated, surely she is the guidelines in the world when you fail in your life.


Mothers are the most astounding, the strongest, the fiercest, and the most creative being on earth. She got her unique hacking strategies in everything that makes everyone wonders how she does things herself. No doubt, the loveliest masterpiece of the Heart is the love of a mother and the with the realism that, for the world is just a mother but to her own family she is the world.

To all mothers and soon to be moms out there, I am celebrating with you! Happy Mothers day. We deserve the best love for we love the most genuine way. You are a precious gift who deserve the best of every thing.

(Credit to the owners of the photos being used)


-All the love


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