Women’s Fete


I wonder how you are celebrating this day? Well, for those who are asking why should celebrate? It’s women’s day! It’s our Fete. I know many of us today  are still in the middle of a struggle but still,  I would want to let you know that your muliebrity is more than enough reason for you to celebrate. We should be grateful that now we are being acknowledged, we are given rights and voice to say what we have to say and be a part of the rising economic zone. We are now earning our own place under the sun. Isn’t it something good to know? I just read an article from womens health magazine that a new report  from Center for an Urban Future stated that there’s 52% increase in female-owned companies in the US from 2001 to 2012, As a result, those companies have added a multimillion jobs and $90 Billion payroll in the economy. I just loved what I’ve read.

It’s  always my passion to write something beautiful and uplifting realisms about us women, for we deserve it. At present, us women have been incredibly dynamic in taking part in the society’s great achievements and we have earned the respect of the opposite sex so magically. And that, do not miss the opportunity to share how grateful and happy you are as a woman.  There is beaucoup of magnificent rationalities to be proud of. So, why not share your thoughts to the world, do something good today, say something uplifting to other women, tap somebody’s shoulder, smile, shout out loud your achievements and tell everyone how much you love them. Touch ones life, change someone’s negative perspective to brighter positive thought.

You are a woman like me,wonderfully made, loved and saved by God, part of every history, Jesus’ precious one. You deserve all the love and respect as I am. You worth somebody’s time, love and effort. So, never underestimate your worth and you can touch lives too. Now, I touched yours. Go ahead and pay it forward. Share this or uplifts somebody’s spirit. You are a woman, you can make a change!

Happy women’s day! Celebrating womanhood with you.


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