Enjoy your Beauty


All women possess a beauty that is unique and beyond compare. God has given us individual gifts that we could use for his greater glory. Beauty that we should be proud of. I see and meet different women in social media and in vis-a-vis, I brush elbows with pretty women whom incognizant of what they have. But, how aware are we with the beauty God has given us?

More often than not, we don’t, or we disregard that beauty for the sake of something. Maybe a great need, a difficult instance or maybe for someone, for a relationship.  I have heard so many stories of women in deep sorrow regretting that they’ve gone so far sacrificing for a certain relationship and neglected their being a woman and their rights to live in a peace, bountiful way of life. I have to include myself in. Yes, I was once a pathetic woman who doesn’t know her rights and pretermitted her inner beauty and peace for the sake of a dream relationship and love.  For how many sleepless nights of crying and sobbing to death, harsh words and break-ups did I survive and still pushing so hard to work things out. How primitive I was then, allowing somebody to hold my neck very tight, yell and leave me in public, disregard me and separate me from the world he’s in to, and devastate my whole emotional state. And I swear, leaving this kind of scenario will never be easy. but you got to save your self.


It took me years to recover from that pitiable state of affair and thank God I did!  I could say that, what had happen was a beautiful nightmare. I have learned a lot and I am so much careful of how I am treating myself now. I love the beauty that I uncovered in this chaos. I love me and the beauty within me. The beauty to serve, to love and to touch lives and being able to take care of myself. It was not easy, but I did and you can do it too! Expect that the more pain that you experience, the more hope that he would change and everything will eventually work out. Honestly, I  I seriously waited, sacrificed, hoped and  exerted  the highest degree of effort. To no avail, I was all wrong. Just imagine how disgusting that was! to forget yourself, to sacrifice a lot for nothing? I have learned the hard way and I just wish you learn the easier way, so I am writing this. If you are in a situation wherein, you are not appreciated, respected and loved MOVE OUT! You are never deserving to be that second option, spare, or a punching bag for his choler moments. You have the beauty and you are beautiful whatever your skin color is. You deserve a life of peace, respect and love. There’s always that perfect someone out there who would take care of you. Wait for God’s perfect timing. Give your trust to Him. Do not rush, do not lower your level of beauty.

All the rights have been given to each and every one of us.  Claim the beauty that you have, build it up. Share it to others and serve God. You are a woman and celebrate that beauty within you!

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