Truth About Women

You will surely smile when you will get across this write-up.

Here are some facts that seem to be weird and funny. But, they are the facts that make our being a woman complete.

1. Women can’t keep secrets most of the time. They eat away at them from the inside.

2. Women go to restrooms in groups, It gives them the chance to gossip.

3. Women brush their hair before going to bed.

4. Women do not like an honest answer to the question “How do I look?”.

5. Women are insecure about their weight, butt, and breast sizes.

6. The most embarrassing thing for us women is to see another woman  wearing the same outfit in malls, hallways, and parties.

7. Women love shopping. Mall is the only area in the world where they feel they have control over  things.


8. A woman needs to cry but, they don’t do it alone unless they know you can hear them.

9. Women always need assurance from their partner.

10. Women always run out of an outfit. No matter how full their closets with different garments.

There are so many cute and funny facts about women. And, that makes us more lovely and worth loving.




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