“Talita Kumi” (Talitha Kuom)

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre


Oops! Can you do me a simple favor: Go in front of your mirror and say these words to yourself. FEEL IT!.

( Good morning __________ (Name)!. Today is your big, most wonderful day. You are the loveliest and God whose your mighty Father Got the best of the best plans for you today! (Smile)

Hello sisters! I’m perfectly sure you are in abundance of God’s blessings. The feeling is absolutely the same here. Feel His Love? Don’t dare miss it.

Is there any time in your life when you wanted to say something but you are  fifty percent not confident if the people around you would like it.Have you been to that chaotic situation when you want to scream out loud because you wanted somebody to know that you are already fed up and having an internal hemorrhage because of the insurmountable pain inside? exaggerating a bit (wink).. Or maybe you are the girl hiding under sweet smiles and head turning make ups. Yet, completely broken deep in side.

More often than not, Us women tend to play the role of a wholesome and ideal girl that used to be in the 80’s. It’s never a questionable scenario to be one of those girls. The sad part of the story is, when we neglect to speak and claim our rights as an heiress of our mighty God on this earth. Correct me if I’m wrong but, most of the time, vast majority of us forget who we are in Christ. We choose to suffer, we prefer to be under estimated and rejected for some unjustifiable sort of reasons. We have this terrible mindset that we’d rather keep our mouth shut to avoid confrontations and interrogations. We accept bias circumstances as long as we can bear it. We will keep quiet and keep taking the unjust treatment of the society. We stay in a relationship that does not serve us any better. I don’t think these are the plans of your heavenly Father for you.

Hello!!!! Imagine this. You are created in the image and likeness of Him, You are breathing the life of the most high God, You got the genes of a victorious God. And You are being saved by Him. Do you really think you are this low class to suffer and be the second option and just be a mute wanna Be’s. Of course not!

I remember when Jesus said in Mark 5:41 “Talitha Kuom” which means ” Little girl, Get up!). Like this girl.God is asking us to rise up from the deep sleep of martyrdom. If you are going through pain right now. Maybe in a relationship, financial, career, sickness etc. God is telling you to get up, speak up. Open your heart and allow Him to work in your life. Have faith! Stand on your feet and celebrate who you are in Him.

You are a woman, you have the right to say your piece. speak up! and let your story and pieces of lines be heard all over the world. Be an inspiration to others. And claim your being a beautiful a beautiful heiress.

Good Luck sisters! (HUGS)




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