WOMAN: A female person who plays a significant role (wife, mistress or girlfriend) in the life of a particular man and in the society.

WE13Hi! I’m Renna again.Your friend, sister, listener, adviser and encourager. Why Woman Am I!?. More often than not, us women feel so insecure and feeling so unwanted. We feel that we are so incomplete and unloved.

In the other side, there are gifted sisters who carry themselves in the most head turning manner, and, I highly acknowledge those women. Those who are so vulnerable yet, mindful of their rights, those who carry themselves with confidence and pride and out shine in the crowd.

I choose this claim for I intend to most likely touch the lives of every woman who are going through pains, turmoils and chronic depressions, as well as to provide helpful tips on how to regain the loss of self-respect and identity.  Above all, loving yourself the way God wants you to.

It’s been  years that this dream sprouted and eventually grew in my heart. During my days of insurmountable hearts aches and  hullabaloos, I wished I could have shared it to a person who would most likely understand my pains. I hope and pray that all my simple articles would benefit every one.

I may not be able to solve your dilemmas, nor remove the scars of your past hurts and hatreds. At least I could help you cope up with what you’ve missed.

You are a woman. Like me,  part of our birth rights that God has bestowed is the right to be loved and live in a loving environment. Where we are noticed, treasured and loved. This may be next to impossible but, we can always choose to have an inner peace. (Hug)


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