Woman I am!?


I don’t exactly know how to start. I’m still recollecting my shattered confidence. I’m so much doubting of my ability to figure out my thoughts, Further more I have this ill thinking whether and if they will serve as an inspiration or will just cause confusion to my readers.

I’m your sister Renna and I love writing and everything that you will be reading on my wall will be based on my own interpretation and understanding of things. As I write  I will basically do considerable and deliberate research about the subject I am dealing with or be discussing in my articles. And mostly, will be with profound personal touch and correlative with  my experiences.

I have this advocacy of helping other women overcome or subjugate their broken-down perspective of themselves as they suffer from domestic violence and broken relationships. I want to provide helpful information about abusive relationship and how to contend such. I also have the fire in me to discuss every woman’s worth in every walk of life.

Like the apostles, I’m not perfect, I’m not a well defined individual but, God has put a promise in my heart that I can touch lives through the power of words. And, it’s what I am wholeheartedly doing now.

I hope and boldly pray that as I press my computer’s every button, every single message will inspire and move every reader’s heart and soul. In Jesus mighty name!

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