The Chasing Game



Exciting game! unfortunately towards the end, it’s as clear as broad daylight as it says ” There is no real winner”. How ironic, after all the joyride and efforts nobody would win! Allow me to define chasing, chasing is to go after with the intent to catch or pursue someone sexually or romantically.

Are you in? Chasing for that right person? Sounds funny and weird, but it’s the game of the majority. A morsel of desperation, more often than not, those unfortunate in the name of love are in to this race. The Chasing Game, not in general probably, for there are so called lucky ones. Well, count me in, I was once in. Mine was not really evident(wink).

I was being discrete and performed it in the most professional way. I know exactly how it feels to be in the game of chasing. It’s a whole lot of fun, exciting, frustrating, annoying, It’s really a bizarre! Every head that turns on you, you will look at them in the eye, plus the tail question. ” Is he the one?’.

Everywhere, twenty four seven that you are absolutely ready for the divertissement and fun. Inside buses, malls, along roads and busy highways, I was ready to give a fight of my life just to find that right one. That was me. I can only imagine how pathetic I was then. Like a poodle chasing for an imaginary bone. Indeed, displeasing.

Not being able to find the right one despite all the efforts, surely, it’s sorrowful. The pity party usually strikes at the end of every day and the phenomenal questions will be contrived. God why? how? when? I’ll probably go crazy if God gives me the answers, Just thinking how He was so much amused of my cute ways of getting attention. The game was surely diverting and amusing at first. Yet, frustrating, emotionally and mentally draining. Yes! I have to admit this silly fact that I got to that extent of betting all my cards in this joyful foolish game, yet nothing happened. All I garnered was inferiority and emptiness. Furthermore, every disappointment,  losing of self-respect and identity adds  the burden and self-pity.


Every heart like mine that went through this repetitive pain will get tired. Will eventually realize that this is all about chasing the wrong thing.

As I continue to unleash the truth and seek answers to my gazillion questions about real and life-long love and total existence of serendipity in a relationship. All the more that I got nearer to what’s really chasing is all about. How useless it was to exhaust myself doing this kind of nuts. Suddenly a twist of a lifetime took place, my journey of furrow turned out to be a a saga of self-discovery and self-worth. Things turned the other way around, just when I strained to widen my horizon in understanding the matter with the aid of digital tools and provisions.  All the while, I have been focusing my vivacity towards a misdemeanor.

How invigorating, as I understood these principles.” Let God work in your life! Let God’s given divine destiny lead you home to that right person. Have patience, wait and allow God to work in excellence.” Build walls of self-respect and have a shatterproof faith to Him”. Chasing will never be ideal, not my calling nor yours.


As I look back on those days of self-pity and frustrations, I can’t help not to smile. A fine pinch of rue is felt. Well, I have this strong feeling that I have to thank God and celebrate. Game over! and I got a story to inspire others. I was a loser in that endeavor. I didn’t catch the big fish but, I got genuine happiness and great story to share.

In a hard way, I learned how to celebrate who I am and what I have.  For I came to discover that real love does not come from merely successful relationship. It comes from within. How I treat myself and how I liked it and celebrating it. Having someone to love me will just be a pro bono.  Let me just say this, turn loose the love in you, have joy in your life and know who you are in Christ. I guarantee you that you will never chase again in your life.

If you are somehow touched by this write-up, please share and let us keep inspiring others.

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